Week 1 Reaction

The National Football League finally kicked off the 2017 season last Thursday, and it was severely underwhelming. Only two games were decided by a touchdown or less, and the most exciting games on paper all disappointed. Seahawks-Packers was a snooze fest, Cowboys-Giants was somehow worse, and Raiders-Titans was not as exciting as everyone likely expected. Here are some general reactions to some of the games I got to watch.

Chiefs 44, Patriots 27

  • I think everyone was waiting for the Pats to wake up and take over this game, but it just never happened. Alex Smith was phenomenal and Brady wasn’t.
  • It was a huge win for the Chiefs, but losing Eric Berry is a complete buzzkill. Interested to see how the Chiefs respond moving forward.
  • I think the Patriots are actually in some trouble. I know it’s just week 1, but their front 7 on defense is extremely worrisome. They will figure it out on offense, but I’m not sure they do so on defense.

Cardinals 23, Lions 35

  • Awful start for the Cardinals in what many thought would be the beginning of their bounce-back season. Carson Palmer was abysmal and David Johnson is going to be out for a couple months. Things may unfold sooner rather than later in AZ.

Eagles 30, Redskins 17

  • Not surprised at all by this game. Carson Wentz has flashes of true brilliance, but he NEEDS to learn how to protect the ball + himself by moving on to the next play.
  • Kirk was pretty awful in this game, and it kind of just confirmed my pre-season thoughts that the Skins will be the worst team in the division. Granted, I think the Eagles will be good this year, so maybe it was just a tough match-up for them.

Packers 17, Seahawks 9

  • It is legitimately tough to watch the Seahawks play offense. Their offensive line is so incredibly bad. I know the Packers’ defense is improved and all, but it’s just not even possible to move the ball when your line can’t hold their block for more than a second.
  • Where was the energy in this game? The refs took it away early. Rodgers’ pick-six was completely bailed out by the refs’ block in the back penalty, and it wasn’t the only atrocious call they made. It took the air out of the Seahawks and the game itself.

Cowboys 19, Giants 3

  • I knew the Giants would struggle in this game, but didn’t think that severely. Their offensive line, like Seattle’s, is trash too, but I’m sick of giving 0 blame to Eli. He looks old and washed up and has 0 mobility. Things are going to get messy quick if Beckham doesn’t return healthy.
  • The Cowboys have to finish drives. They were getting first downs at will, but couldn’t find the end zone. Dak was all over the place, but I think he’ll settle down. Felt like it should have been 28-0 at half and it was only 16-0. That type of stuff will eventually bite them if it happens again.
  • Tank Lawrence looked amazing for Dallas off the edge, and honestly, the entire defense looked great. I’m excited to watch them get better as the season progresses and they get some key players back in the lineup (David Irving, Anthony Hitchens).

MNF Double Header

  • The Vikings looked great, but I wouldn’t rule out the Saints just yet. It was a tough game for them but I think they’ll figure it out as the season moves on.
  • The Chargers went complete Chargers mode in Denver last night. The coaching was so bad on all fronts. The Fourth and One call was terrible, the play/clock management at the end of game, getting a game-tying field goal blocked at the end of regulation. They may have moved to LA, but they are the same old Chargers for now.


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