Warriors take Commanding 2-0 Lead

The Golden State Warriors now hold a 2-0 lead in the NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers for the second year straight. I have a feeling things will go a little differently this year than last year in regards to the rest of the series.

The Warriors are simply unstoppable with Kevin Durant. He is dominating on both sides of the ball. His length and activity on defense alone has made a huge difference in this series, not to mention what he brings to the Warriors already-explosive offense.

Things can change in Cleveland if the Cavs somehow can win both games, but I honestly think the Warriors are on their way to the first ever NBA playoffs sweep (16-0). I hope not for entertainments sake, but only time will tell. For now, here are some thoughts from the first two games @ Oracle.

  • I’m not so sure Steph Curry was that physically hurt (knee) in the 2016 Finals, but it was clear that he wasn’t the same player he was during that regular season. This year, it’s also clear he is 100% both physically and mentally. He has his confidence back, which he clearly lacked last year, and he is playing like himself.
  • Kyrie Irving has been a disappointment so far. He’s made a few highlight plays, but 19 points isn’t cutting it against this Warriors team. I expect him to play a lot better at home or the Cavs will simply lose by 20 again.
  • Does anyone have more confidence than Klay Thompson? He was awful this postseason, and even worse in game 1 of the finals. But he finally got going last night, shooting without hesitation, and that’s another huge problem for the Cavs.
  • LeBron Jams simply can’t do it all. Having to play defense against this Warriors team with Durant has drained him, and Durant’s length on defense has clearly bothered him. Last year he was able to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. He simply can’t do it all this year. He really picked it up in those last few games last year, so I’m interested to see if he has more in the tank this year. I’m not sure it even matters.

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