NFL Week 13 Picks

Season record ATS: 15-13 (5-1 last 2 weeks)

Saints -6 vs. Lions

I’m riding with the Saints for the second week straight. Six is a lot of points to give, but they covered eight with ease against a better defense last week. The Lions come in having won three in a row, all by one possession. The Lions have done it all year — they’ve came back from behind in the fourth quarter to win in every win of theirs this season. It’s been an incredible run, but I’m taking the Saints to outduel them in Brees’ dome.

Chargers -3.5 vs. Bucs

Everybody’s high on the Bucs right now, and it’s definitely warranted. They’ve won three straight too — most impressive were back-to-back wins @ the Chiefs and against the Seahawks. But like the Lions, I think that streak comes to an end Sunday. Bucs’ fans should be excited for the future, but I still think this team is a year or two away. The Chargers lead the league in interceptions, and I think they get a couple in a tough loss for the Bucs on a West Coast travel.

Ravens -3.5 vs. Dolphins

I may look crazy for going against yet another hot team on a multi-game winning streak, but I expect veteran teams to step up in December. The Ravens are another one of those veteran teams. They’re finally getting back to full health on defense, and while I don’t think their offense is good, I think they’ll hit for some big plays.

Teaser (2-3 this season): buy one point

Packers +1 vs. Texans, Falcons +1.5 vs. Chiefs, and Seahawks -0.5 vs. Panthers

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