2016 World Series Preview

Written by Zach Miller

The long and grueling process of the baseball season and playoffs has come to an end and we have two teams left who are ready to risk it all to become the 2016 MLB champions.  You’ve got the Chicago Cubs who came into the season as one of the favorites to win the World Series at +500 and on the other side of the board are the Cleveland Indians whose preseason line to win the World Series was +1800.  This is must watch baseball.

Who would’ve thought that the Cleveland Indians would be in the World Series with so many power houses in the American League this year?  What got the Indians to this point?  Many people just think about their pitching rotation when talking about the Indians but I’ll tell you what they’ve got some nice offensive players as well which has really helped them throughout the playoffs and brought them to this point.  The bullpen though…watch out is all I have to say.  If the Indians starters can make it 5 innings with the lead then who knows what’ll happen.  Andrew Miller is being used how all big time relievers should be used and it’s amazing we haven’t seen more of this before.  Put your best pitcher up in the toughest situation regardless of the inning.  That’s hardcore baseball and it’s something that should be done by more teams.  The starters are also electric here and Danny Salazar returning poses a problem for opposing hitters.  If the Indians bats can get the lead for the starters then they will be looking pretty.

As anybody who has ever read anything I have written about baseball you know I am a big time National League guy.  I’ll just get this out of the way at the beginning but KYLE F*CKING SCHWARBER this dude is electric he really screwed my fantasy team this season ( since on yahoo he was eligible in the Catcher position and I came in second but if I had his bat in my C spot it would’ve been game over).  I honestly think he could be the x factor in the start of this series DH’ing.  This kid can flat out hit.  Oh yeah and I guess a few of the other guys on the team can hit too.  Coghlan in right is so much better than Heyward and you can afford that now with Schwarber batting 5th.  Hendricks is my pitcher of the year I followed him all season and knew he was going to be special and whattaya know he’s an absolute stud.  The Cubs have an amazing balance of powerhouse offense with powerhouse pitching.   They’re a tough team to beat in a long series.

I am really up in the air with this I feel the series is going to go 1 of 2 ways it will be the Indians in 7 or the Cubs in 5.  Now I feel the Indians are sneaky good and really have flown under the radar of most teams they’re not in a huge market so you don’t see too much coverage on them.  As a Mets fan I want the Indians to win but if the Cubs get hot this series belongs to them.  I love curses though and love other fan bases being more miserable than I am so lets go Indians! But in my honest opinion I don’t know if the Cubs can be beaten.  I guess we will have to wait and see what happens after tonight’s amazing matchup of Lester 1-0 0.86 ERA vs Kluber 1-1 0.98 ERA.  I honestly cannot wait.

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