The Mets are Catching Fire

Written By: Zach Miller

A few weeks ago, I was writing about how much I can’t stand what this Mets team is doing. While my opinion may stand regarding coaching and front office decisions, I can definitely say I’m happy with the level of play that the Mets are putting out right now; The boys are 8-2 in their last 10 games! They’ve finally managed to win two in a row and play baseball like a team that should be headed to the playoffs. The Mets have passed the Marlins and regained second place in the NL East.

Tonight, Sept. 1, they are looking to complete the four-game sweep over the Marlins led by Jacob DeGrom, who is making his return after missing his last start for some rest after giving up 12 hits in back-to-back outings. I still think DeGrom has had the best year as a Mets pitcher, so I don’t think those two rough starts should be of any concern. Cespedes is still taking horrible routes to the ball in left, but is making up for it with his power as he continues to murder baseballs. The Mets currently sit 1.5 games out of a wild card spot and if they can continue this hot streak, look for them to take it easily.  After tonight’s game, they begin a three-game series at home vs the Nationals. Everybody remembers last year that the series with the Nats is really what sparked the incredible playoff run that they had.

Look for the Mets to bring some serious firepower into this series and if they can take at least two from the Nats at home, I will take it. It’s September and that only means one thing: playoff baseball is about to come around the corner. Now is when it counts the most. One can only hope for a classic National’s collapse and for the Mets to take the division, but right now they look like strong contenders for the wild card spot.

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