7/30: Recap and Preview

7/29 Recap: Tampa Bay Rays Game 1

Oh, it happened again. The Yankee offense didn’t get off the plane as they looked fooled all night against Jake Odorizzi in a 5-1 loss to the LAST PLACE Tampa Bay Rays. The emphasis on last place isn’t a shot at the Rays, but at the team that’s arguably been the most inconsistent in baseball. A Mark Teixeira RBI single in the ninth was all the “Bombers” had in store offensively for game one.

Eovaldi: 7/30/16

For game two, the Yankees send flame-throwing Nathan Eovaldi (9-6, 4.80 ERA) to the hill, his third start since being placed back into the rotation. Eovaldi was moved into the bullpen after struggling, and the move, in a small sample, seems to have straightened him out. Since the return, he has yielded only three earned runs in 12 innings, striking out seven. The Yankees will face Drew Smyly (2-11, 5.42 ERA), a left hander who hasn’t brought much to the table this season. I never thought I’d be saying this, but with the trade deadline looming on Monday, this is a must-win for the Yankees, especially if they still consider not moving any more players. We’re not so sure how true that is, but if that’s the script, the team might want to win these next two. But then, you know, a series loss, and they become “sellers.”

Written by Alex Cammarata 


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