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All my life I’ve engaged in various types of sports debate and discussion.

Whether it’s at home watching NFL football on Sundays with my friends, on Twitter, or just simply texting a select few who share the same passion me and millions of fans across the world do, I am always analyzing different games and actively seeking to share my ‘take.’  I wanted to start my own site where I can share my thoughts and experiences through an organized outlet.

At The University of Scranton, I spent time on the radio debating sports before finally getting an opportunity to produce my own sports debate show with two of my classmates. I also helped commentate live games via Scranton’s broadcast outlet. I was the color commentator for Scranton’s basketball games and a playoff baseball series, and I wrote for their newspaper, The Aquinas, covering all sports. After school I spent time writing for two weekly newspapers covering government and community affairs. After a combined 11 months, I decided I needed to focus on what I ultimately wanted all my life: the ability to cover sports.

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