Durant Chooses GSW

The Golden State Warriors broke the Chicago Bulls’ record for most wins in a regular season this past season, and now they are a serious threat to break that record this year. Kevin Durant signed a two year, $54.3 million max deal with the Warriors in hopes of finally capturing his much coveted first NBA Title. The Warriors starting lineup, taking into account free agency moves, will now look something like this:

  • PG – Stephen Curry
  • SG – Klay Thompson
  • SF – Kevin Durant
  • PF – Draymond Green
  • C – Zaza Pachulia (signed 1 year, $2.9 contract)

Just let that sink in. The league’s back-to-back MVP isn’t even the best player on his team anymore. Hell, last year’s playoffs may have proved he wasn’t even the most valuable player on his team without Durant; you can seriously make the case that Draymond Green was more important to their success than the NBA’s first unanimous MVP.

Now, the Warriors will replace Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut (Mavericks) with KEVIN DURANT and Zaza Puchulia – and they will still have one of the better benches in the league.

Durant’s Decision

Kevin Durant is taking a lot of criticism for joining a team he and his Oklahoma City Thunder should have beat in the Western Conference Championship in 2016 (blew a 3-1 series lead). While the criticism may be valid, can you really blame Durant for taking the opportunity to form one of the greatest teams in NBA history? It’s clear he wants a ring, and after nine years of coming so close in OKC, he finally decided he had enough. This was his best chance at a ring, and he took it.

My problem with his decision is that I, along with many others, believe he had a serious chance of winning in OKC this season. If they could have closed out the Warriors, they likely could have beaten the Cavs. So why leave? Well, Westbrook will be a free agent in 2017 – maybe he told KD that he was himself leaving? Regardless, Durant wasn’t taking any chances. He saw his opportunity and took it – and I don’t think he cares what me or you think about it. As long as he gets his first ring in Golden State, Durant’s decision will be worth it and he will forever cherish it. But if the Warriors don’t win, he will forever get crushed for joining a powerhouse only to come up short once again.

Featured Photo Credit: Sportingnews.com

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