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City Girl

Emma Silva’s childhood has shaped her into an independent, loyal New Yorker, and she plans on staying true to her roots.

The longtime New York resident attributes her values to living in Brooklyn her entire life, a place where she learned to act on her own at a young age.

“I felt like I got really independent at a young age because I took the subway a lot, which I think is different than people from other towns; especially from people who live here,” Silva said in an interview on Monday night in The University of Scranton’s library.

Silva, despite her loyalty to New York, still has ambitions of visiting other cities. Not only does she plan on traveling to different cities around the world, but she also plans to live in one temporarily.

“I want to try living somewhere else for a while, like in another city,” Silva said. “Maybe Philadelphia or San Francisco, or going abroad . . . maybe to Italy –

that would be my dream.”

Despite her traveling ambitions, she will never forget where she came from.

She will always be a New York City girl.

“I definitely am a loyal New Yorker, and I feel like a lot of people from New York are loyal to their home town,” Silva said. “I just think I will end up there eventually.”

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Emma Silva, student at The University of Scranton

Finding the Right Atmosphere

Emma’s college journey started in Boston, where she spent the first semester of her first year.

Silva thought she wanted a big city, and Boston seemed like the right fit for her. She chose Boston University.

Things didn’t go according to plan, though, as she decided to return home to Brooklyn after only a few months.

Silva said she decided to go to Brooklyn College for a semester, because she didn’t want to stay out of school completely.

After taking only two courses at Brooklyn College, Silva decided to reignite the search for the right college.

With a little help from her grandfather, she finally decided to give The University of Scranton a chance.

“My grandfather is from Olyphant, Pennsylvania, just a town away from Scranton,” Silva said. “He was always like ‘you should look at it,’ and I was like ‘no, I really don’t think it’s a good fit for me.’”

After a convincing effort from Silva’s parents and grandfather, she visited the school to appease them. She did not regret it.

“I kind of went just for them,” Silva said. “But when I came here I loved it, which kind of sounds cliché, but I think the people here are just so kind.”

She felt the kindness shown by the students of the school was unique, and definitely one of the main reasons she chose the school.

“You really don’t get that anywhere else like you think you would, Silva said. “But people here, you just feel the atmosphere . . . everyone is just welcoming.”

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