NFL Season: Week 1

Each week I will offer my takeaways from the previous slate of football games played and provide injury updates via RotoWorld for the week 2 games.


Giants @ Cowboys

  • Rookie Dak Prescott was awfully limited in his down field throws. He missed a few wide open looks and through a couple tough 50/50s to Dez Bryant in the endzone. This allowed the Giants to focus on the Cowboys’ highly touted running attack.
  • Third downs and red zone efficiency is where Romo will be missed most, and it showed on Sunday.
  • The Giants played great at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the football. Their D line did a great job against the run, and their highly-criticized offensive line played well.
  • I thought Eli Manning was pretty bad in this game despite some nice stats. He missed a lot of throws and threw a terrible INT. I thought the Giants could have crushed the Cowboys if Manning played a little bit better.

Packers @ Jaguars

  • Despite losing in devastating fashion, I thought the Jags played really good in this game. Their new secondary (Jalen Ramsey, Prince Amukamara, Tashaun Gipson) looked good, but S Jonathan Cyprien was bad.
  • TJ Yeldon was good in his surprise start with Chris Ivory missing the game with an undisclosed illness, but he had nowhere to run. He made something out of nothing more often than not.
  • Bortles looked good, and so did TE Julius Thomas, who is pivotal to this offense taking the next step.
  • Aaron Rodgers is the best QB on the planet, and it really shouldn’t be a debate.
  • Randall Cobb does everything on offense. Runs a diverse route tree, comes out of the backfield, runs the ball, etc.
  • Eddie Lacy still looks… like Eddie Lacy. He may have lost a few pounds, but I thought he looked like the same guy on the field. He played well.
  • The Packers’ front 7 was relentless, and they have some really good, young corners. This defense is good.

Chargers @ Chiefs

  • The Chiefs’ front 7 really misses Justin Houston.
  • Alex Smith was bad in the first half. He took his time a lot and took some bad sacks, but he played way better in the 2h and led this team to a big win.
  • Travis Kelce and Spencer Ware were huge in the passing game late down the stretch.
  • Philip Rivers looked good, and Keenan Allen looked great. It’s a shame he’s done for the year again.
  • Danny Woodhead is so slippery. He does it all for this offense, and brings some serious heat for a little guy.
  • The Chargers played not to lose, and it showed in the 2h. Why did they abandon the running game with Melvin Gordon? He was playing well in the first half, but seemed to disappear in the second half.

Raiders @ Saints

  • What a huge win for the Raiders to start the year, and an incredibly ballsy call by Jack Del Rio to go for two.
  • Derek Carr was outstanding. He’s going to be good for years to come.
  • Michael Crabtree has truly found a home. He’s a big key to this offense, and he made a great play to win the game on the 2-point conversion.
  • Khalil Mack was a little quiet rushing the passer. Just didn’t bring that much intensity like I had hoped.
  • The Saints look great on offense as per usual, but just brutal on defense. Delvin Breaux getting hurt is going to kill them in the secondary.
  • Mark Ingram needs more touches. It seems like he does great things with the ball in his hands, but just doesn’t get it enough in an offense that passes so frequently.
  • The Saints receiving core looked great, and they’re going to dominate in fantasy all year long.

Bucs @ Falcons

  • I don’t want to ride the bandwagon while it’s hot, but it’s tough not to: Jameis Winston looked special. That kid just has “it” and he’s very fun to watch.
  • Matt Ryan just isn’t very good.
  • I wasn’t surprised by anything in this game besides the Falcons’ running backs. Tevin Coleman deserves his touches, and it’s now no surprise the coaching staff is giving them to him.

Patriots @ Cardinals

  • The Cardinals looked flat, and Carson Palmer looked bad.
  • Jimmy Garoppolo looked good, and that was an incredibly impressive win on the road without Gronk or two starting offensive lineman.

Steelers @ Redskins

  • The only ? I had going into this game was how Kirk Cousins would look. He looked terrible, and the Redskins already look great for not jumping the gun on a fat contract.
  • Big Ben and Antonio Brown are unstoppable. There’s not a better duo in the league.
  • How do the Redskins pay Josh Norman all that money, but he doesn’t even cover Brown? Embarrassing for a guy who is so outspoken about his abilities.

RotoWorld NFL Headlines

  • Russell Wilson practiced Wednesday despite worries of a serious ankle injury. He looks ready to go for week 2.
  • Thomas Rawls will start week 2 over Christine Michael.
  • Demaryius Thomas was limited, but looks to play Sunday with a hip injury.
  • Julius Thomas practiced (ankle) and is expected to play.
  • Chris Ivory (illness) is still not practicing.
  • Spencer Ware (toe) isn’t practicing, but is expected to play this weekend. Jamaal Charles is working his way up, but probably won’t play.
  • Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu (ankle) both didn’t practice, but are both expected to play this weekend.
  • Sammy Watkins (foot) is questionable for TNF. Rumors were that Watkins could be shut down for some time.