NFL Playoff Picture heading into Week 17

With only one week left in the 2018-2019 regular season, let’s take a look at how the NFL playoff picture is unfolding.

NFC: Locked in

Saints (1)

Rams (2 or 3)

Bears (3 or 2)

Cowboys (4)

Seahawks (5 or 6)

The last spot in the NFC is up for grabs. While Seattle is locked in for a spot, a loss and a Vikings win would put Seattle at #6 and Minnesota at #5. If Seattle wins, they are #5, and if Philly wins and MINN loses, the Eagles are the last spot in while the Vikings are eliminated.

Either way, the top 5 teams are locked in to a spot with only the Vikings and Eagles fighting for the 6th (or 5th) last spot.


Patriots, Chiefs, Chargers (1-2-5)

The Chargers and Chiefs are 11-4; a win for the Chiefs puts them at #1, while a loss and Chargers win puts LAC at the #1 spot. A win for New England gives them a first-round bye (division title). The Chargers may be the #5 seed despite one of the best records in football if the Chiefs win.

Ravens (4): beat the Browns Sunday and they’re locked in at 4.

The Colts, Titans, Texans and Steelers are battling it out for the remaining spots, with the Steelers having the worst chance to get in; they need a win vs. Cinci and a Ravens loss to the Browns to steal the division. The Titans just need to beat the Colts and they’ll be in, while they can also get in if they beat the Colts and Texans lose to the Jags.

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