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To be clear, Candido Sports is NOT a tout service. That said, we understand the demand for giving out picks. We are off to a flying start in 2018, and look forward to continued success.

In an article I wrote under our “A New Method of Handicapping” tab, I explained the importance of being selective with your plays. The more games you bet, the sharper you need to be to remain profitable. So why do we pick every game? The answer is simple. People are going to bet the games that they want to bet on regardless, so we don’t want to turn our backs on those bettors and just give them the blanket statement of “stay away”.  We put just as much time and effort into our standard picks as we do our emphasized ones. It just so happens that on those particular games, we don’t feel extreme conviction nor do we see a clear edge.

My picks are the first column. The green blocks represent standard picks, while the purple represent heavily emphasized ones. Pj’s column is next, with blue representing his standard picks and orange his heavily emphasized ones. All of this information, along with results and year-to-date performance, can be found to the right of our selections.

“SP Isolated” is the final column, and declares a pick based solely on the higher SP (short-term position) ranking. These selections are in red.

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