Week 4 Takeaways

Bills @ Packers

  • I thought Josh Allen played terrible; he bailed out of clean pockets, was inaccurate and indecisive/hesitant, and threw a completely unacceptable interception before halftime… With that said, he was thrown into the fire and mistakes are expected – He has size, is athletic, mobile, etc. But he makes bad plays more often than positive ones IMO
  • It’s obviously not breaking news but Aaron Rodgers is clearly limited because of his knee injury… But it’s still absolutely remarkable to watch him make throws others in the league can’t with mostly just his upper body. He’s on a different planet talent wise and still finds a way despite not being 100%
  • I thought LeSean McCoy looked a step slow. Maybe he’s still working back into football shape, or maybe his age (30) is catching up to him… Regardless, he can still make guys miss in 1 on 1 situations, just doesn’t look as quick to me right now

Lions @ Cowboys

  • The Cowboys desperately need third-round pick Michael Gallup to step up as the number 1 guy… He’s been underwhelming but made a great catch in the first quarter off a dime from Dak and he needs to build off of it moving forward
  • Jaylon Smith looks better than last year but he still struggles at LB. I think he looks best rushing the passer and Dallas needs to continue to find creative ways to utilize his potential in those situations
  • Pretty clear the Cowboys will go as far as Dak and Elliott take them (obviously)… it was especially apparent in this game. Huge plays to close it out from both of them and a great bounce-back week from Zeke after a few bad blunders last week
  • Great job by Dak to recover a fumble with under 2 minutes to play on their game-winning drive… could have been game over. It should be common knowledge by now but Dak/the offense will go as far as the run game will take them, and Detroit was the perfect opponent for them to get it going
  • It’s not the first time Golden Tate has disrespected Dallas and they just keep allowing it… Feels like he always plays well against DAL

Texans @ Colts

  • After a perfect first drive from Andrew Luck (5/5 and a touchdown pass) in less than four minutes, they had an awful blunder on their ensuing possession; a bad snap fumble in their own end zone resulted in a Texans TD, and it crushed all momentum INDY had built off that drive
  • JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney disrupted the Colts offense big time in this game. Watt may not be what he once was, but it seems he’s getting better each week and him at 75% is better than most. Both were responsible for 14 points in the first half
  • Texans looked composed and focused, as they should be at 0-3. I thought this was Watson’s best game this year
  • Colts defense continues to impress, especially their pass rush
  • Houston dominated field position in first half, two big turnovers… 21 unanswered first half points from HOU
  • Texans made big plays on offense despite a ton of pressure from Colts front, Hopkins got going
  • Classic Luck 2-minute drive to score and then convert on 2-point conversion in the fourth. Nice effort working back from 28-10 without TY Hilton
  • So unbelievably unacceptable to go for it on fourth down under 30 seconds left in OT on your own side of the field IMO… I know you want to play to win, but in that situation you have to eat the tie

Bucs @ Bears

  • Khalil Mack got another strip sack and caused an interception on Winston later in the game. Guy is just a complete game wrecker and seems to be on a mission to prove OAK are fools for letting him walk, even though it’s already common knowledge
  • Great designs from Chicago’s offense… Trubisky obviously dominated the stat sheet but it was mostly easy for him — not a game I was particularly blown away by his play, but more Chicago’s use of their personnel. With that said, some really nice balls from Mitch and an encouraging game that should help his confidence moving forward
  • TB was sloppy and unfocused from the jump. Hard to evaluate Winston in one half of play

Eagles @ Titans

  • Really nice blitz packages from TENN that caused a lot of pressure on Wentz
  • Alshon Jeffery looked good in his return… he’s someone the Eagles really need to stay on the field this season
  • Titans pass rush saved them from losing this game. Huge sack fumble in the third led to 3 big points for the Titans
  • Mariota made a few impressive plays from his feet and some good passes too…
  • Corey Davis broke out as predicted on the week 4 podcast, and it honestly could have been an even bigger day… The Titans quietly have a nice offense if Henry and Lewis can contribute, but the Delanie Walker injury severely decreases their ceiling to me
  • 17 unanswered from TENN in this game. Eagles had many opportunities to put the nail in the coffin and the Titans just didn’t let them…
  • Down three in overtime converted on 4th and 15, 4th and 4 and 4th and 1 (after 3rd and 19)
  • Another gutsy win from Tennessee; winning is contagious and they are just finding ways.

Browns @ Raiders

  • This game was a mess. Over 80 points scored and there were more left on the field… Baker missed Calloway for a wide open TD early, then Martavis Bryant later dropped a wide open touchdown in the end zone from Carr
  • Browns went for 2 up 9-7 in the first half, then again when up 15-7. The only reasonable explanation is because of the dirt on that side of the field in Oakland (thanks Pat)
  • Beautiful touchdown catch from Jarvis Landry in this game
  • Both teams were unimpressive tom me but both went through some major offseason changes so it’s not totally unexpected or noteworthy off just one week… Browns should have won this game and can easily by 3-1

Saints @ Giants

  • The Giants opened with a touchdown drive for the first time in what feels like years but a Saints fake punt from inside their own 30 stalled any momentum they had from it
  • Odell was noticeably upset all first half despite it being a one-possession game the entire time. The guys body language is a disgrace for someone of his caliber, especially considering he just got paid and is supposed to be the leader of his unit
  • Great job by the Giants’ red zone defense early in this game. Four red-zone trips for the Saints resulted in four field goals… They eventually got worn down by an extremely efficient Saints offense because the Giants offense didn’t live up to their end of the bargain
  • Giants had Saints pinned at the 2 with under 4 minutes to play down 8. 98 yards in under 2 min to end the game for the Saints (big Kamara TD run)

49ers @ Chargers

  • Antonio Gates looks like a lineman out there
  • Niners can win some games with CJ. Some bad breaks in this game for him – INT in red zone off receivers hands returned for 80 yards and resulted in Chargers TD; blindsided on sack fumble with under 3 to play and a chance to win the game
  • Melvin Gordon is somehow underrated, he should be in the top 5 conversation if he’s not already

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