Team Evaluations Guide

Our Team Evaluations page is designed to give you a linear visualization of a team’s progress throughout the year.

At the core of my handicapping style is a vigorous pursuit towards uncovering game elements that can’t be found in the box score. This is a major factor in regards to how I develop grades for my overall team rating (R) and weekly team performances (W). I then parlay this knowledge with a projection of how an average fan may have seen the game to form my own custom position (P) on each team.

Beginning in week 4, I decided to divide my overall position on a team into short-term (SP) and long-term positions (LP). I believe certain elements that I uncover on each team will come to fruition long-term, while others will tend to show up right away. Hence the need for two specific positions. An in-depth article explaining the importance and functionality of forming positions can be found under our “A New Method of Handicapping” tab.

After re-watching and studying each game from the previous week, I assign the grades.

The key at the top of the page should provide you with all the information one would need to interpret the graph.

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