Week 3 Notes

Jets @ Browns

  • Poorly played game. Jets tired noticeably which intensified Cleveland’s momentum upon Baker’s arrival.
    • Jets: Lack the ability to make chunk plays on offense, do not handle adversity well, do not play for 60 minutes defensively. Struggle with generating a pass rush with 4 and with covering on the back-end when they bring pressure. Undisciplined team, not good.
    • Browns: Not sure this performance will carry over the way the public may think. Overrated defensively thus far. Not sure offensive line can hold up against a serious pass rush.

Saints @ Falcons

  • Falcons played a winning first half, yet trail 16-14. Poorly managed last sequence left time on the clock for the saints to get a quick 3. Falcons were getting set to take a 2-score lead, got a questionable holding call, drop, blocked punt all on successive plays.
    • Saints: defensively, decent job against the run. Must find a way to get a consistent pass rush, they lack depth on the back end, especially in the slot. Safeties are more comfortable making plays in close quarters rather than being ball hawks. Offensively, they are still not firing on all cylinders. Penalties killing them.
    • Falcons: severely miss Andy Levitre up front. Offense can still be efficient if they can protect due to Ryan’s efficiency in reading defenses. Teams that can cover well will give them problems. Defensively, injuries left them without enough versatile coverage guys. Looks to me like a team that will struggle on the road, but will win their share of games at home just due to explosive weapons, a competent QB, and a solid home field advantage.

Broncos @ Ravens

  • Ravens 3 and out and get punt blocked. Baltimore pulling away late 1st half, but get field goal blocked and returned for TD – horrific call on illegal block brought it back. Denver still looking to capitalize, 2nd and 1 from the 15-yard line, they get sacked, fumble, lose 100 yards, and Lindsay gets ejected. This play changed the rest of the game and Denver had an uphill fight the rest of the way. They are NOT built to play from behind.
    • Broncos: Major issues in protection, if they can’t run the ball they are dead. Defensively, they continue to struggle mightily with quick game. They have Chris Harris on guys who are too big for him, and Roby is totally out of his comfort zone being moved out of the slot. They are moving guys around like crazy in the secondary.
    • They don’t play great complimentary football. Can overwhelm poor offensive lines with their aggressive pass rush. Polished offenses should be able to move it on them with relative ease. I don’t love their intensity in the back 7, pursuit is questionable at best. Receivers are building a nice rapport with Flacco, and ultimately they may become more of an offensive minded team. Tucker is incredible, and they use him every possible chance they can.

Bengals @ Panthers:

  • Panthers 3 and out, Cincy methodical TD drive. Carolina answers with some big plays in the run game. Very well played 1st half, 21-14 CAR, CIN getting ball to start the 3rd. Critical AJ Green drop on opening drive of 3rd. Brutal facemask call on the heels of a pick lead to CAR getting 2-score lead. CIN missed fg to set CAR with good field position and great chance to go up 2 scores midway thru the 4th.
    • Bengals – can’t get Burfict back soon enough. Very poor linebacker play. Offensive line play continues to be a major issue. No Mixon is also hurting them. Dalton playing surprisingly well.
    • Panthers – Cam playing at a high level. Complete command of the offense.

Giants @ Texans

  • 20-6 NYG at halftime. Other than a few exceptional individual efforts, the Texans don’t even resemble an NFL team. Eli outplaying Watson is the difference so far. Huge fumble by Miller at 20-9 as Houston was entering the red-zone for their third consecutive scoring drive. Forced throw in the endzone on next drive on what should have been 4t straight scoring drive LOL!
    • Giants – must remain balanced on offense to give their o-line a chance. Defensively, they are getting absolutely torched by the same route concepts over and over. Miracle they are still leading.
    • Texans – Watson not processing zone coverages. Ball needs to come out. The only place he’s delivering the ball with confidence is in the middle of the field. Neither line is making an impact on the game. Very thin in the secondary, especially at nickel. May have to move honey-badger down there and test their depth at safety.

Titans @ Jags

  • Jags unsuccessfully attempted questionable fake punt early on when they were dominating field position. 3-3 at half. Tennessee missed fg with no time left, feels like if Jags can get a stop to start the second half, they may wake up.  Questionable PI call sparks titans opening drive which concludes with a FG. Now jags have to play from behind, albeit only 3 points, but still a difficult mindset at home for a big favorite.
    • Titans – WRs must step it up, too many straight up drops, and very few contested catches. Keeping everything in front of them on defense, forcing Jags to execute underneath and they are failing to do so.
    • Jags – Ferocious pass rush. Playing with high energy on defense. Not crisp at all on offense. Product of a letdown spot as well as a familiar opponent.  You can clearly tell that had a shit week of practice.

Raiders @ Dolphins

  • Miami got punched in the mouth a little bit here. They got down by 10 but were fortunate enough that the Florida heat had begun to wear down the Raiders. Miami scored with ease twice, and were very fortunate to pick a ball off in the endzone as Oakland was driving for the go-ahead score
    • Raiders – Impressed with offensive line play, Marshawn’s tough running, and ability to tackle in the red-zone. Pass rush must improve as well as coverage. They will be a tough team to play against once they get in better game shape and I see them winning a lot of games, especially at home
    • Dolphins: Playing with a lot of energy and confidence. Finding creative ways to find some chunk plays. Must tackle better on defense, they don’t want to have to continue winning “shootouts”

49ers @ Chiefs

  • Chiefs carved the SF zone to the tune of 5 straight TDs on their first 5 drives. SF battled back and nearly had it down to one-score several times. Too little too late.
    • 49ers: Terrible matchup for their defense. Didn’t quit. In fact, they played a valiant second half. I don’t think the QB situation will be as negative an impact as one would assume. They weren’t getting much production at all out of the quarterback position. Beatherd has done this before, and I’m confident in his ability to run the offense.
    • Chiefs: Continue to get super favorable matchups for their offense. Still need to see them perform against an above-average defensive unit. Defensively, their pass rush showed up a little bit, but they are still getting mauled on the ground.

Bills @ Vikings

  • Game snowballed out of control quickly for the Vikings.
    • Bills: Allen’s athleticism was apparent all game; he also still appears extremely rookieish. Played with great effort on defense
    • Vikings: Extremely poor effort on the defensive side. No pursuit, poor body language, etc. Offensive line couldn’t hold up in pass pro once they could no longer remain balanced offensively.

Colts @ Eagles

  • Defensive-minded game. Eagle turnovers put the game in jeopardy, but they leaned on their class to get it done. Luck struggled with field conditions.
    • Colts: Very nice defensive adjustments as the game went on. Overmatched a bit, but nearly found a way to steal one.
    • Eagles: Defense played so much better and with infinitely more intensity. Offensively, rusty at times but offensive line played much better and Wentz found a way.

Packers @ Redskins

  • Redskins road the wave of home emotion, plus a plethora of iffy calls against GB to build an early lead. GB fought hard and settled in on defense, but they needed to play a perfect game to get back into it, and they fell short. Too many drops and mental errors.
    • Packers: Can be a dynamic offense if they are able to stay balanced. Playing from behind is an issue with Rodgers lacking full mobility. Defensively they must be more consistent up front and find some sort of pass rush. Linebackers lack versatility coverage-wise.
    • Redskins: Searching for an offensive identity. Their rushing numbers are inflated due to chunk plays, still having trouble running effectively against less than favorable run looks. Alex Smith / Jordan Reed duo is not nearly as dynamic as I thought it would be. Sloppy fundamentally on defense in the back 7.

Chargers @ Rams

  • Hard fought game and well-played for the most part. Each team had a critical fumble in plus territory during good-looking drives. Rams controlled the line of scrimmage
    • Chargers: Better effort than last week. Rivers played a heck of a game. Need to find a way to creatively insert extra box players to slow down opposing rushing attacks.
    • Rams: The sky is the limit. Goff looked brilliant at times, and like a rookie at others. Their offensive line is dominant. Defense still needs time to mesh, not sure how good of a unit they can potentially be.

Bears @ Cardinals

  • Bears we’re extremely fortunate to win this game. They had the ball considerably longer than their opponent, and could still only muster 16 points against an exhausted defense. Cardinals turnovers and 3 massive personal fouls handed the game to Chicago.
    • Bears: Certainly flashy at times defensively, not sure they are quite the complete unit that some may think. Trubisky brings a lot of positives to the table, but at times struggles with locating secondary and tertiary targets, and is uncomfortable throwing guys open. Intermediate and short stuff is accurate, but deep ball needs work.
    • Cardinals: Offensively it would be hard to imagine Rosen being able to flip the script. They lack weapons and are mediocre in pass protection. Defensively, thank god for Patrick Peterson. So far, they’ve been unable to generate any sort of pass rush without blitzing.

Cowboys @ Seahawks

  • Perfect game script for Seattle. Took advantage of several fortunate breaks throughout the first half. Both touchdown drives were fueled by Dallas defensive mental errors. Also gave them a gift 3 before the half with a selfish unsportsmanlike penalty.
    • Cowboys: Offensive line dominating in the run game but struggling in pass pro. Receivers and tight ends are getting absolutely zero separation. 1% Dak’s fault, and that’s a high estimate. Poor complimentary football, leadership breaking down.
    • Seahawks: Able to capitalize on Dallas defensive breakdowns (because Russ is the GOAT) but they are unable to assert their will upon anyone. Defense is riding the home crowd, but once again, not dominating in any way.

Patriots @ Lions

  • High level NFL game. Detroit got off to a fast start and were athletically superior to the Pats on offense. New England seemed to be grabbing momentum midway through the 3rd, but Stafford delivered a dime on a critical 3rd and 9 to extend a drive at 13-10. Drive ended with a TD and NE would be forced to abandon the running game from this point forward.
    • New England: Major improvement from an effort standpoint from last week. Can see the team getting better before my eyes. Going to be critical for them to establish a ground game, because with their current roster configuration, they are unable to consistently win on the perimeter.
    • Detroit: This is a very good football team

Steelers @ Bucs

  • Turnovers put Tampa behind the 8-ball. They showed come character with the way they fought back, but Pitt just too many weapons on offense to beat considering the turnover margin.
    • Steelers: Dynamic as always offensively, some vintage Big-Ben moments. Defensively they are not improving at the rate I’d like to see.
    • Bucs: Must clean up self-inflicted errors. I think there are a lot of teachable moments from the Pitt game that will humble them.


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