It’s already time to panic in New York


The New York Football Giants man. I dont know what to say. Coming into the season I was very excited for the year as every blindly hopeful fan is. I mean to be honest they have the best trio skill players in the league; its kind of hard to argue that. The combination of Odell Beckham, Saquon Barkley, and Evan Engram is second to none. On top of that add Sterling Shephard (as the Second recevier) you would expect some big things too. The number one WR, RB, and TE on this Giant team are all generally cosnidered in the top 5 and the combination is lethal. But with an aging quarterback, a turnstile of an offensive line, and underperform defense the Giants have painfully started 0-2.

When the Giants signed Pat Shurmur and Dave Gettlemen, things were looking up. Finally got rid of the atrocious Ben McAdoo, Pat Shurmur was coming off a very succesful run in Minnesota as their OC and Dave Gettlemen seemed destined to make this Giants team great again. He honestly did what I thought was a great job. He totally revamped the line, moving Ereck Flowers from Left to Right tackle, traded for Omameh, signed Solder.

He did pass on a QB for the 2nd overall pick, but you have to believe after meeting with and probably evaluating him, he decided Eli would be 2009 Eli, at least for the next 2-3 years where they could still breed a 4th round pick in Kyle Lauletta. At the same time, skipping out on the star that Saquon Barkley is poised to become could only haunt him and the Giants as they have struggled to find a consistent running back for quite some time now.

Things looked good…On paper.

Now that the season is here, hope has been muted. It seems as though nothing has changed with NYG’s offense. The line is the worst line in football for what seeems to be the third year in a row. Eli manning runs away from the possibility of being hit and will crumble as the first defensive player crosses the line of scrimmage. The Giants play calling has been no different from last year, and as you may or may not know, last year’s play calling was atrocious. It was awful.

I am not sure if I should blame the play calling for their lack of variety or the fact that every play Eli gets scared and dumps it off as quick as possible to Saquon. It looks as though every play is a screen by default. I mean Saquon had 14 catches Sunday for 80 yards. There is no way 14 screens were called, and if they were then we have a bigger problem on our hands.

The defense is playing below their capabilities as they are letting average to below average offenses look elite. Landon Collins and Janoris Jenkins seem to be playing like rookies again, especially with Olivier Vernon out. The only bright side of the defense is the other Eli, in Eli Apple finally putting together some games where he looks like a first round pick.

I don’t know who to blame, yet at the same time, everyone is to blame. The line sucks, Eli is too old and frail to be starting in this league, the defense has too many holes it just tough to watch right now. Something needs to change or they are destined for another sub .500 season.

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