In sports, there are a few groups of fans that everyone just loves to hate. There are many different reasons for not liking these particular fans whether it be because they ’trashy,’ they win so much its insufferable, or just the general stigma of that city. The Pittsburgh Steelers happen to be one of those fan bases for me and to be honest, the reasoning is childing

I have a few good friends who are from Pittsburgh, and the amount of pride they have in Pittsburgh is overwhelming. I mean I don’t think there has ever been a sunny day in Pittsburgh, yet these guys will tell you how great that city is for as long as Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa was hot on the radio. I seriously just do not understand it. My guess would be that their only other claim to fame besides their sports team is they have the most bridges, so they just hop on the sports bandwagon.

They do have great sports teams for the most part. The Pirates have been up and down especially over the past decade, but the Penguins have been dominant and the Steelers have the most Superbowls in NFL history. So when bad news breaks out of Pittsburgh, I love it. Bad news hasn’t only been coming from Pittsburgh, it has been gushing.

Of course there is the situation with Le’veon Bell before the season even started. Whether you agree with his master plan of saving his body for his big money contract or not, his absence has certainly led to a divided locker room. You have lineman calling him out, fans mad at him and he couldn’t care less. I think the general consensus is that he will be out of Pittsburgh after this season and will most likely pick up a huge contract along the way. Only time will tell whether he is too old to actually get that big contract.

After the entire offseason of Le’veon drama, the Steelers finally opened up the season without him and ended up tieing the previously winless Browns from a year ago. The Steelers are supposed to be one of the best franchises in the NFL, I don’t care how much the Browns have improved, you can’t tie the Browns if you’re the Steelers.

Going into game 2 vs the Chiefs the Steelers were challenged again by a much better team and a rookie Quarterback in Patrick Mahomes. They ended up losing which isn’t that shocking as the Chiefs are a real contender, but what was very concerning was the defense. They looked awful for the second week in a row. A franchise known for their tough defense let up 40+ points and 6 Touchdown passes to a rookie QB. Not exactly dominant.

But the final piece making me hopeful that the Steelers are crumbling is Antonio Brown. Arguably the best player on the team, only to be rivaled by Bell, Antonio Brown is the engine for the Steelers. If he goes they all go. He has played fine in the first 2 games, but his post game tweet is raising some eyebrows:


Is he asking to be traded? Or is he sticking up for himself, saying he could put up his numbers anywhere. He surely could have avoided using the ‘trade’ word and still made his point, but he specifically said ’Trade me.’

If that didn’t convince you that he wants out, guess who didn’t show up Monday; Antonio Brown. His agent is trying to claim it was a personal matter, but I don’t buy it. The team is a mess, the defense is awful, Le’veon isn’t showing up, things can’t get much worse. Write it off as a day to vent his frustration if you want, but blaming it on a personal matter is just false.

Mike Tomlin is losing the locker room, the Killer B’s are losing their sting, Pittsburgh is done and I love it.

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