Week 7 Best Games

Already Week 7 in the NFL. Unbelievable how fast the season goes. Let’s check out the best games of the week.

Thursday Night:

Chiefs @ Raiders

  • AFC West games are always entertaining; this one should be good for a couple of reasons. The Raiders are basically cooked if they don’t pull off the upset at home against the Chiefs. I’m also excited to see how Kansas City responds to losing their first game of the season last week at home vs. Pitt. They can get right back on track and take a commanding control of the AFC West, or they can leave the door open with their second straight loss, this one to a desperate divisional foe.

Sunday, 1 p.m. 

Cardinals @ Rams

  • It’s tough to find many enticing games early on Sunday. This one should do, though. Another divisional matchup, the Cardinals looked good last week with Adrian Peterson providing a much-needed spark. The Rams got back on track with a nice win against a respected defense. This is a big game for the NFC West, and I’m excited to see who emerges as the co-favorite to win the division.

Sunday, 4 p.m.

Bengals @ Steelers

  • The Bengals have looked much better in recent weeks (before their bye), but this will be their biggest test by far. The Steelers got a much-needed win in Kansas City, but the ball bounced their way multiple times; they could have easily gave that one away. I’m excited to see if one of these teams can TAKE this game and not beg to give it to the other team. Plus, if the Bengals win, that’s three straight after starting the year 0-3. Would be an impressive turnaround…

Broncos @ Chargers

  • Giants/Seahawks are the other 4 p.m. game I considered, but both offensive lines are vulnerable and it could be a complete mess of a game. This one should be better, and it’s another divisional matchup that has serious implications. The Chargers started 0-4 and have a chance to pick up their second straight in-division win to go to 3-4; this would be a major win for them. The Broncos got whooped at home to the 0-5 Giants on Sunday Night Football — I’m sure they’re looking to avenge that loss.

Sunday Night Football

Falcons @ Patriots

  • The Super Bowl rematch. This should be a very fun primetime game. Both teams are no where near what they were last year (yet), but there’s still a ton of hype surrounding this game for obvious reasons. The Falcons have been a bit of a letdown this year, I expect them to come out fired up for some revenge in a game that can get their season back on the right track.

Monday Night Football

Redskins @ Eagles

  • The Eagles look like the team to beat in the NFC after the Aaron Rodgers injury. This is a tough matchup against a Redskins team that has been better than expected this season. A primetime night game in Philly is always electrifying, especially when the Eagles are good. This should be an entertaining game that can either separate the Eagles from the rest of the NFC East, or bring everybody a little bit closer.
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