Week 4 Best Games

1 p.m. 

Lions @ Vikings

  • In a division that is constantly overshadowed by the Packers’ dominance, the Lions and Vikings are sneakily earning a ton of deserved respect. All three teams are currently 2-1, with the Packers playing the 1-2 Bears on Thursday night to start off the week. This game will be a solid indicator of who will compete with the Packers atop the division.

Steelers @ Ravens

  • Both teams are playing very sloppy right now, so this is a surprise pick for “best games” of the week. It could very well be a bad game. But the fact of the matter is that these two teams dislike each other strongly, and both are the class of the AFC North. The division will almost certainly come down to the Steelers and Ravens. For that reason alone, this is an important game.

4 p.m.

Giants @ Bucs

  • This is a huge game for both teams. The 0-3 Giants literally can’t afford another loss; their season would likely be cooked. The 1-1 Bucs had a ton of hype surrounding them in the preseason, but they got blown out by Case Keenum and the Vikings last week — this is a huge, typical “bounce back” spot for them at home. This should be a really fun game.

Raiders @ Broncos

  • This is another great game. The 1 p.m. slate is kind of slow, but these two 4 p.m. games should help pick up the slack. Mile High is a tough place to play, and the Raiders have to on a short week after being embarrassed on Monday Night Football. In the highly competitive AFC West, every division game is big. This one is for sure.

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