Oriole Park at Camden Yards (Baltimore, Maryland)

Construction Cost: $110 Million

Camden Yards was beautiful, clean, and a great place to experience a baseball game. Going from AT&T Ballpark (home of the Giants) to Camden Yards, I think I was a bit spoiled going into the game. I had heard that both stadiums were 1-2 in the entire league, and it’s tough not to agree.

First off, the area is just really fun. We went to the well-known bar “Pickles Pub” before the game, and you could tell that’s clearly the pre-and-post game spot. The ballpark itself was really cool; behind right field is “Eutaw Street,” which is between the stadium and the “B&O Warehouse.” There’s a bunch of shops and restaurants to visit, or you can just view the game from afar, basically like outfield standing seats.

View of “Eutaw Street” courtesy of Wikipedia.

The fans were really into it despite a large crowd of Cardinals fans invading the place. The food was great, and the stadium was really clean, which is always a pleasure to me when visiting different stadiums (some are dirty and old). I really enjoyed the stadium and love the location it’s in, and would recommend checking it out. It was the second best ballpark I’ve been to, only behind AT&T’s beautiful establishment (not a slight to Camden Yards in the least bit).


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