NBA Finals Reaction

Warriors didn’t blow a 3-1 lead, wrapped the finals up at home, and Kevin Durant is not only an NBA champion, but the Finals MVP. I want to offer some thoughts.

  • First off, I hold nothing against Durant and his move to GSW, and that’s not just because I wanted Golden State to win. Take a look from Durant’s perspective. He’s going to turn 29 in September, was going into his 10th NBA season, and hadn’t gone to the Finals since he first went in the 2011-2012 season. He played with a selfish (outstanding, but selfish) point guard in Russell Westbrook, where he completely shared the spotlight on the court. He wanted to win the title, no doubt. That’s obvious. Every player does. But he also wanted to play in an unselfish system, where he could be the best player on the court and showcase his skills to the maximum potential. That was the Warriors. Steph Curry was open about letting Durant do that. And it was more clear than ever during the Finals. This was a very clear decision in my mind; a no brainer. He was a FREE agent. He was free to choose his destination, and he chose the absolute best one.
  • What is wrong with sports media today? Why do I turn on the TV, tune into the radio, read on twitter, etc, the most brutal headlines? “Does this hurt or help LeBron’s legacy? Is Durant the best player in the league now? Did LeBron just pass the torch? Would the Warriors have won without Durant?” The list goes on and on. What ever happened to good ol’ fashioned analyzing the games played and reporting on the facts? Today’s media is so caught up in the moment, so obsessed with the “hot” take. It’s terrible and senseless. And I hear the argument, “Well, you have to give the people what they want to hear.” Do people really want to hear this garbage? It’s absolute garbage and I hope it dies out.
  • I’ve seen a lot of complaining about the state of the NBA considering how good the Warriors are. It looks like they won’t lose again, so I get it. But 1. it takes so much to win a championship. It doesn’t just happen overnight, and teams have to get lucky and stay healthy. 2. The talent in the league right now is unprecedented, and there’s more coming in. Players around the league put up ridiculous numbers. Teams will get better with time and as will the competition. We may never see a team go 15-1 in the postseason again. Just enjoy greatness while it’s in front of us, and let things fall into place. This won’t be forever. I think the league is better than OK, and the ratings back that notion.


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