Cavs, Warriors rolling while others fight to get dominated

The Warriors and Cavs are completely dominating the NBA Playoffs. They are on a clear path to the third consecutive Finals matchup, and NBA fans should be excited about it. Everyone’s complaining that the playoffs have been boring, predictable, and unappealing to watch, but I respectfully disagree. I have no problem watching greatness; it’s the first time since 1989 that two teams have swept the first two rounds of the playoffs, and actually the first time in NBA history two teams are 8-0 going into the conference finals. This is OK with me because the three-peat is clearly the most appealing NBA Finals outcome, and while a lot of games have been blowouts, the Rockets/Spurs and Celtics/Wizards series have still been entertaining to me. Both are tied 2-2, and chances are likely that we will get at least one interesting Game 7.

The Warriors and Cavs now have a week rest while the remaining four teams battle to see who gets dominated in the semi-finals. This is the third straight Western Conference Finals for the Warriors after going 40 years without one appearance. LeBron is on his way to his seventh consecutive NBA Finals appearance. One of them has to go down in the Finals, but before we get there, let’s discuss the other two series first.


The Wiz have dominated this series, leading by 10 or more for 41% of the four games, but they only have two wins to show for it. The Celtics have been leading for only 22% of the series, but haven’t lost a home game; two of the next three are in Boston, and the Celtics are simply the deeper team. When John Wall’s on the bench, the Wizards struggle to get much of anything going. I think the Celtics close this out in seven games.


After the Rockets convincingly took game one in San Antonio, I thought this would be a five-to-six game series. But the Spurs have battled back, stole one in Houston, and the series is 2-2 heading back to San Antonio. The Nene injury is going to hurt the Rockets, but I don’t think it kills their chances of winning this series. They live and die by the three ball, and Harden is the guy that makes it all go. If he continues to take the ball to the rim like he did in Game 4, I think Houston can easily win two of the next three. Like the Wizards/Celtics, I think this series is headed for seven games.

Both teams will be doing a lot of traveling and playing while the Warriors and Cavs sit home waiting to dominate them. I said before the second round that I don’t see either team losing a combined four games before the finals, and I think I may have been a bit generous. Both may sweep their way to the three-peat.

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