TD Garden (Boston, Mass.)

Construction Cost: $160 Million

Celtics/Bulls Game 5 was absolutely electric. It was so loud in there from the jump, and the place was just waiting to explode every chance they got.

I was in Loge 7, which is pretty close to the basket. The view isn’t ideal considering the basket was right there, but I wanted to be close to the court and don’t regret the choice at all. It was very intense in there and the atmosphere was incredible, but I do have one complaint; I was surprised there wasn’t playoff shirts on every chair for fans to change into, and it seemed to be a general surprise from everyone. Nonetheless, it was still amazing and I was still waving around the towel they handed out at the entrance to the arena.

One more note: The pizza was very good, and there was a ton of food options. Overall, the arena was great and I couldn’t choose a better game to go to. It was close until the Celtics pulled away late in the fourth, and the fans were great.


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