American Airlines Arena (Miami, FL)

Construction Cost: $213 Million

I was really taken back by the home of the Miami Heat.

I went to a Miami Heat/New Orleans Pelicans game, and I was first taken back by the arena itself. Obviously, pretty much everything in Miami is beautiful to the eye — it’s tough not to enjoy any experience in the area, yet alone a professional basketball game. It was very clean inside and outside of the arena, and the food spots inside were as good as advertised.

What really took me back, though, were the fans. I had a (probably common) misconception that most Heat fans these days were bandwagon fans that jumped on ship when LeBron James came and won multiple championships. With Heat legend Dwayne Wade gone this year, I thought the crowd would be especially bleak this season, despite the surprising success they’ve had as a team this far into the season.

I couldn’t have been more wrong about that, and I was pleasantly surprised by how engaged fans were. It was truly a great experience as a basketball fan, and the atmosphere was better than I could have ever imagined.

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