Giants sign WR Brandon Marshall

The Giants are already making offseason noise.

They signed Jets WR Brandon Marshall to a two-year deal, making the Giants’ receiving core the best in all of football immediately. It’s going to be impossible to contain Marshall, Odell Beckham Jr., and Sterling Shepard on the field at the same time, but the Giants still need to fill some holes on the offense before they can fully utilize their offense to the fullest.

The Giants first need to address their left tackle position; Eric Flowers has been a disaster, and the Giants’ lack of success over recent years stems from their deficiency in the trenches, also leading to a nonexistent run game. They need a running back to carry the load and open the passing game up for Eli Manning.

Once they can shore up their offensive line and run game, the Giants need to find a tight end who can spread the field, making their receiving core that much more dangerous. I see the Giants targeting OJ Howard or David Njoku in the first round of the draft; if they can land one of those guys, shore up the offensive line and find a reliable running back, this offense can be the best in the league in 2017.

More on Marshall

Marshall has had a productive NFL career, but he’s never been in a playoff game despite playing for four other teams. He also holds a reputation for having character issues, leading to fights with different teammates over the years. Obviously, him and OBJ will have to get along or else this could be a disaster. I think Marshall has really grown over the years, and he could be a great mentor for Beckham. Only time will tell, and winning always cures all…

Regardless, the Giants now boast a very scary passing attack; they’re just a few offensive moves away from being a legit Super Bowl contender in 2017.

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