Cowboys release Tony Romo, who Retires to Join CBS

UPDATE (April 3): Romo decided to retire to join CBS as their #1 NFL analyst/color commentator with Jim Nantz. I was truly shocked initially, but after thinking it over, it makes sense. Romo loved Dallas. That’s all he knew. I don’t think he wanted to leave and start over this late in his career a la Brett Favre. I do, however, think there’s a good chance Romo decides to come back if the timing and situation is right.

UPDATE (March 23): Despite reports that the Romo release was happening, the Cowboys still haven’t officially released him, reportedly trying to trade him instead. 

The Tony Romo era in Dallas is officially over. Romo will be released tomorrow, March 9.

The Cowboys had little choice in the matter, knowing that Romo wants to continue his career as a starter, not a reserve.

Romo was incredible for the Cowboys, but Dallas was never able to get over the hump in the playoffs. It’s a bittersweet ending, especially considering Jerry Jones relationship with the undrafted QB who put Dallas on the map after years of mediocre QB play.

Romo will likely play the field and consider his options before jumping to a new team, but it seems pretty clear that there are a few favorites: The Broncos, Texans and Chiefs.

If Romo ends up on one of those teams, all with great defenses, the rest of the AFC (besides the Patriots) should be scared. My guess is he ends up in Denver or Houston, where he will have formidable receiving cores with elite defenses.

Wherever he goes, the offensive line will need to be a priority in order to keep him upright. It’s going to be interesting to see where he ends up…

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