Week 14 Takeaways

Raiders @ Chiefs

  • It’s time to start taking the Chiefs very serious. They have all the weapons on both sides of the ball to make a serious postseason run.
  • I’m a bit worried about the Raiders folding at the end of the season. I chose them to win the division this year, and I felt great about it until this game. I knew it was a tough spot, but just don’t like how they are forming the habit of getting behind in games and just assuming they can work themselves back in.

Saints @ Bucs

  • The Bucs are clicking at the perfect time, and their offense is forming into shape with Doug Martin and Charlie Simms healthy in the backfield.
  • Cameron Brate has stepped up to the plate. It’s no surprise now that the Bucs let troubled tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins walk — Brate is better on and off the field.
  • The Bucs defense brings the wood. They are playing extremely well, and it’s taking a lot of pressure off Winston and the offense.
  • You can probably say this every week, but Jameis Winston gets away with a ton of risky throws. He does such a great job of escaping pockets and creating plays with his feet, but he comes close often to throwing INTs in those moments.

Seahawks @ Packers

  • Russell Wilson missed multiple game-changing touchdown passes in the first quarter (while only down 7-3). He badly overthrew both Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham, and then threw an interception on the Seahawks first offensive drive of the second quarter (Packers scored a few plays later to make it 14-3).
  • Davante Adams is on a pretty remarkable stretch. He got a ton of hype last year when Jordy Nelson went down for the year; he underperformed and was considered a bust by some. He’s bounced back like a tank, and him, Nelson and Cobb combine for a pretty nasty receiving core.

Cowboys @ Giants

  • Eli Manning tried giving the Cowboys multiple INTs. Easy ones too. They should have been up by two or more scores in the first half, but just couldn’t get going on offense.
  • The Giants defense is a big reason why they couldn’t get going. They dared Dak Prescott to throw down field, and he couldn’t get in a groove the entire game. It didn’t help that Dez Bryant was a no-show.
  • Running draws and screens on third and 10+ says a lot about how Dallas felt about Prescott throwing against the Giants defense. If Dallas is going to ride with Dak going into the playoffs, they need to have the ultimate confidence in him.
  • It’s incredibly fun to watch Sean Lee having quietly his best season yet. Fully healthy all year (gulp), and he’s literally everywhere on the field.

Steelers @ Bills

  • There’s been a ton of buzz around David Johnson this season, and deservingly so. He’s made a strong case for best all-around RB In football. But Le’Veon Bell shut those discussions down yesterday. He’s simply on another level than anyone in the league.
  • Ben’s play on the road is starting to become very worrisome. A lot has been said about it, but it’s becoming harder to ignore after games like this.
  • The Bills are going to have a really tough decision to make regarding Tyrod Taylor. They can cut him before the March dealine and save basically all the money they planned on giving him with an extension, but are they going to find someone better? Probably comes down to their feelings on Cardale Jones
  • Pretty scary that Ben can throw as many picks as he did and the Steelers still win comfortably. This offense hasn’t even peaked, if they do in the postseason, look out..

Broncos @ Titans

  • Devontae Booker has been a huge disappointment this season. Had a golden opportunity handed to him with CJ Anderson going out, and he completely blew it.
  • Mariota has shown some great touch on deep and intermediate balls this season.
  • Great game by TENN O line. Mariota had some clean pockets against a dominant pass rush.
  • It is truly remarkable that Demarcus Ware CONTINUES to sack the quarterback at his age. Guys motor is otherworldly.
  • On big third downs in big spots, you see one thing from Denver’s defense: Von Miller in the backfield.
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