NFL Week 12 Takeaways

My thoughts on some of the games I watched from Week 12 of the NFL season.

Thanksgiving Recap:

The Vikings offense continues to struggle, while the Lions continue to find ways to win close games.

The Cowboys defense is a legit liability, but Dak Prescott had arguably his best game and helped the Cowboys pick up another big win.

The Colts actually moved the ball with Scott Tolzien at quarterback, but they simply couldn’t score touchdowns. Nothing new, but Big Ben and Antonio Brown are still the scariest duo in football.

Sunday Games

Panthers @ Raiders

  • It was impressive the Panthers climbed back in this game after Khalil Mack’s pick-six put them up 24-7 before half, but they couldn’t get it done when it mattered most. Their season is over.
  • Derek Carr and Michael Crabtree have made huge conversions late in ball games all year long. They connected on big plays twice on the Raiders game-winning drive.
  • Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin will have to play BIG for the Raiders to make serious noise in the postseason.

49ers @ Dolphins

  • Ryan Tannehill has truly made huge strides, and a lot of credit is deserved to first-year Head Coach Adam Gase. Tannehill was impressive on the run (led the team in rushing yards until the 4th quarter), but he has to learn how to protect himself. Took unnecessarily big hits multiple times Sunday.
  • Colin Kaepernick looked pretty good, seems to be getting some mojo back. Had a few really nice runs + throws.
  • The Niners’ defense must be tired of hearing how bad they’ve been against the run. Jay Ajayi had nowhere to go all day.
  • Tannehill made some nice throws in and outside of the pocket. Devante Parker is fun to watch — he has potential to be an elite player in this league if he stays healthy.

Chiefs @ Broncos 

  • This was one of the more impressive wins I’ve ever seen from the Chiefs on primetime.
  • Justin Houston truly completes their defense — it seemed like he was going to go for 10 sacks after he racked up a few early ones.
  • The Broncos have a tough road to the postseason. They play the Jaguars and Titans next, but then have three tough consecutive matchups against the Patriots, Chiefs and Raiders.

Monday Night

Packers @ Eagles

  • It was about time the Packers broke out of their slump, but I’m still not sold that they’re “back.” This was certainly a good start, though.
  • Aaron Rodgers is still the best QB on the planet. He made some ridiculous throws against a great home-team defense.
  • Carson Wentz escaped some ridiculous pockets — he’s big, strong, and very athletic/mobile.
  • The Eagles are still a year or two away in my opinion — they need to give Wentz some better weapons.
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