NFL Week 10 Takeaways

It was an exciting week 10 of the 2016 NFL season. Here are my takeaways from the games I got to watch in full.

Cowboys @ Steelers

  • The Cowboys continue to exceed my expectations. Down 12-3, I thought this game may get out of hand. But after Elliott’s 80+ yard touchdown catch, it was clear Dallas wasn’t going to go away easy.
  • Dak Prescott started slow, but made the throws that mattered most. His touchdown pass to Dez was a turning point in the game, and he continues to come through when DAL needs him most.
  • This team will go as far as Zeke Elliott and the offensive line will take them. He continues to set the tone, fight for extra yardage, and set the Cowboys up in managale second-and-third-down situations.
  • The Steelers, now losers of four straight, have to start winning games soon. Luckily for them, the AFC North is unusually incompetent this season. That division is still wide open.

Falcons @ Eagles

  • A theme I keep seeing with Wentz is keeping the ball too long and taking bad sacks. Has to learn to either take off or get rid of it, if not throwing it. Sometimes he will sit in the pocket all day and not get touched. That may cost him in big games like Seattle this weekend, and I’m interested to see how he does against a big defense.
  • Devonta Freeman is one of the better backs in football, but needs Coleman for the Falcons to fully utilize his talent.
  • Darren Sproles is still unbelievably productive. Picks up first down after first down after first down…

Redskins vs. Vikings

  • I’m still not sold on Kirk Cousins at all. Got away with a terrible end zone interception on 2nd and goal on WASH first drive before throwing a TD on third down. He’s good on intermediate passes, but continues to struggle on passes thrown downfield.
  • Really hard to watch the Vikings try and run the ball; just abysmal at it. Asiata and McKinnon – combined 15 carries for 29 yards.
  • Diggs caught 13 passes for 164 yards. Really interested to see how he’d do in a true passing offense for a full season.

Packers @ Titans

  • The Titans gave the Packers a golden opportunity right off the bat. Onside kick to start the game, recovered by the Packers for prime field position, but Packers went three and out.
  • More of the same from the Packers Sunday: they are disinterested in playing competitive football. Hard to watch.
  • Delanie Walker is a beast. Would love to see this offense with just one elite receiver. Rishard Matthews is great, but not really a true #1. This offense would be top 5 in the entire league, if not already, with a true #1.
  • Mariota is straight up balling right now. Made a few ridiculous throws.

Dolphins @ Chargers

  • This game lived up to the hype – both teams are fighting in the AFC race.
  • Melvin Ingram continues to impress for San Diego. You can find him disrupting the pocket more often than not.
  • Tannehill had his most impressive start as an NFL QB to me. Amazing what a run game and some protection can do, and Adam Gase deserves a ton of credit for doing what nobody else has been able to.
  • Rivers is usually the one to be saving the day, but his four 4th Q INTs were just absolute killers for the Chargers.
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