Week 9 Takeaways

Giants vs. Eagles

  • I didn’t come away impressed with either team. Both tried giving it away — the Eagles in the first half, and the Giants in the second half.
  • Carson Wentz has a way to go. People were all over the rookie when they started the season 3-0, but it’s been quiet since. Maybe because Wentz still has a ton to learn — he had Sproles for a 65-yard touchdown on his first interception in the first quarter, but didn’t wait or anticipate it at all.
  • Doug Pederson made absolute head-scratching decisions in this game. He had multiple chances to kick a short field goal to make it a one-possession game, but went for it on fourth down instead. They ended up losing by five, and those field goals could have very well been the difference maker.
  • Giants were lucky to leave this game with a win, and the Eagles blew a chance to steal a pivotal game. They now go on to play the Falcons, Seahawks, Packers and Bengals. Their season could end quickly if they don’t turn things around.

Colts @ Packers

  • This game was over when the Colts opened the game with a kick-return touchdown. The Packers just don’t seem motivated or interested in playing football this season at all.
  • The Packers are going to need to make a coaching change if things don’t change quickly. They are struggling, and the fact that they couldn’t rip up the Colts at home or rush the passer is legit worrisome.
  • It seems like Rodgers is more interested in hitting for a home run instead of getting on base. He constantly passes up on small gains for a chance at the deep play, and it hasn’t paid off this season. It doesn’t help that his receivers haven’t exactly bailed him out. Jeff Janis basically dropped a hand-off of a 60-yard pass that would have tied the game at 17 in the second quarter.
  • Colts’ RB Frank Gore is having a terrific season considering his age and situation. He’s the only true back on the team, and the Colts offensive line isn’t good. He still has a lot left in the tank — averaging 4 yards per carry and scoring on an almost-weekly basis.
  • Andrew Luck still makes a ton of questionable throws, but he’s also still a top-five quarterback in this league. The Colts’ 96-yard touchdown drive before halftime to make it 24-10 was the nail in the coffin.

Broncos @ Raiders

  • This was a HUGE test for the Raiders, and they got an A+.
  • The Raiders’ offensive line is finally getting some national recognition and respect after a dominant performance against one of the best defenses in the league.
  • Likewise, Derek Carr is finally getting some much-deserved MVP hype. Long way to go, but the third-year quarterback looks like he may be in that conversation for the foreseeable future.
  • Von Miller is the best defensive player in the world. Hard to watch a Denver game and not come away with the same opinion.
  • The Broncos are still 6-3 and in good position in the AFC, but I’m still not sold they make the playoffs. Trevor Siemian hit a wall after his first few starts, and I’m still waiting for him to climb above it.

Seahawks vs. Bills

  • This was a big win for Seattle, but the referees helped them all night. This could have been one of the best games of the season if not for some horrible officiating.
  • This was a really physical game. The Bills did not shy down, and had a serious chance to win.
  • Obviously all the headlines will feature Russell Wilson and his breakthrough performance, but Tyrod Taylor had arguably the best game of his career. He’s legit.
  • The Seahawks defense misses Michael Bennett and Kam Chancellor desperately. This group needs to stay healthy, or they just simply aren’t nearly as good without a key member here and there.
  • The Seahawks are finally utilizing Jimmy Graham, and his two one-handed touchdown catches were impressive, and maybe the turning point of Seattle’s offense moving forward.
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