Is Mike Trout wasting time in LA?

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are currently riding a six game winning streak, yet still sit 11.5 games behind the division leading Texas Rangers. Once again, most Angels fans have written this season off as another disappointment despite their star player performing at one of the highest levels in all of baseball. Mike Trout, a 24-year-old phenomenon, is the last person to blame for the Angels poor record. Trout is leading the team in runs scored with 75, hits with 109, 23 doubles, 19 home runs (tied for first), and has the most steals with 17… Not to mention he’s also leading the team with a remarkable .320 batting average, which is currently the third best in the American League.

But what is it all for at this point? Trout is signed with the Angels through 2020 after signing a 6-year, $144.5M deal back in 2014. So far throughout his career, the Angels have made the playoffs just once with him on their team in 2014. What a shame. The Angels have tried to put together the pieces around him to make this a winning team, but they simply underperform time after time after time. I don’t want to see Trout’s career overlooked in the future because his team was unable to win anything.

Trout is a career .306 hitter with freakish athletic ability. Any team would want to build around him in Center, and if the Angels don’t pick it up before his contract comes to an end, we could see Trout wind up somewhere else that is willing to pay the big bucks (which he completely deserves). I can really see him being one of the best of all time, and I believe he is currently the best player in the Major Leagues. I’d love to see him get a ring with the Angels, but if not, I do not expect him to re-sign with the team after this contract is up.

By: Zach Miller

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