MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, New Jersey)

Construction Cost: $1.6 billion

Formerly known as Giants Stadium, or simply The Meadowlands, MetLife opened in 2010 and was named home to the New York Giants and Jets. As a New Jersey resident and Dallas Cowboys fan, I have been going to Cowboys @ Giants games once a year for as long as I can remember – about 13 years or so in a row.

Considering it’s one of the highest priced NFL Stadiums today, I would say MetLife is pretty underwhelming. The stadium truly isn’t much different than what was there before, and it’s amazing to think that it actually cost more than the Cowboys’ mansion-like “entertainment mecca.” Regardless, I have always loved the atmosphere. The fans are rowdy and the stadium is usually packed, unless it’s a meaningless Jets game late in the season. There’s four decent sized video screens at each end of the stadium, and if you can’t get a seat inside, there’s usually a ton of fans watching from their tailgate set up on TVs in the parking lot.


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