Seton Hall Prep’s win earns them a top 20 spot

Seton Hall Prep’s football team moved into’s top 20 after beating East Orange Campus 37-12 in a home conference game Friday night at West Orange High School.

First year Head Coach Vito Campanile said the game was a lot closer than the scoreboard showed.

“I think it was far from our best effort,” coach Campanile said. “But it’s definitely great to get a win and we’re not going to give it back, that’s for sure.”

The Prep got senior Quarterback Zack Keller back after missing some time with a hand injury. He and junior Wide Receiver Dwayne Warren, who also missed a game this season, looked like a serious duo to keep an eye on if they can stay healthy.

Keller went 16-32 with 230 yards and 4 touchdown passes. 72 of those yards came on 4 passes to Warren, 2 of which were touchdowns. Coach Campanile said Keller and Warren sealed the game for the now 3-1 Pirates.

“Having them both on the field together tonight, healthy, definitely shows that we have some dynamics there with those two guys when they get on the same page,” he said.

The Pirates play at Montclair on Saturday at 1 p.m in a Super Essex-American conference show down. Montclair is 0-4 this season, but Coach Campanile said the Pirates will have to bring a lot more effort than they did against East Orange to beat Montclair.

“We have to play a heck of a lot better than we did tonight next Saturday, if not we are in trouble,” he said. “We are playing a storied program … so if we bring this effort next Saturday it’ll be tough.”


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