Man on the Street: Scranton Parade Day Video Reaction


“I think it doesn’t reflect the school in the best way, but I don’t think it was so bad that there should be severe consequences.”

Mary Durkin, 20 year old junior at The University of Scranton


“It kind of puts us out there in a way that isn’t positive. It doesn’t reflect Jesuit tradition.”

Katie Fonseca, 5th year Graduate Student at The University of Scranton


“I loved it. It just showed the fun we could have… I just thought it looked like a bunch of fun.”

Jessica Savarese, on campus resident at Scranton


“It’s hard because I was a student here, too. I think the parade and Scranton are two different things that shouldn’t be connected.”

Alexandra Wheeler

Graduate Assistant at Jesuit Center


“Obviously it makes us look bad. It shouldn’t reflect everybody at our school.”

Justin Gonzalez, sophomore at Scranton

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